Electrical Protection Devices

Many people believe that the protection devices installed in their consumer will protect them from High Resistance connection. However this is not the case.

HRC fires are the result of a build-up of heat generated by incrementally degrading of electrical connections within a wiring system which, more often than not, silently progresses without anyone even knowing of the fault’s existence.

These are the faults that the electrical protection devices available on the market are developed to detect:

Miniature Circuit Beaker (MCB)

Overload device – switch off when an overload is detected in the circuit

Residual Current Device (RCD)

RCDs are tripped if they detect a small current imbalance between the Live and Neutral wires above the trip value – this is typically 30mA

Residual Current Breaker with Overload Protection (RCBO)

RCBOs combines the functions of a MCB and a RCD in one unit. They are used to protect a particular circuit, instead of having a single RCD for the whole building.
The protection devices listed above offer absolutely no protection against HRC, it is not what they are designed for. Protection against HRC in consumer units and distribution boards can only be achieved by installing ThePIP System.

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