The World's First Pre-Ignition-Protection Device

ThePIP is a unique non-resettable thermal device designed to activate at a given temperature: 85°C ± 5°. Upon activation ThePIP can be used as a switch to interface with other third party equipment or to isolate the electrical supply to the item overheating.

ThePIP device for PCB & electrical applications.

ThePIP - World's First Pre-Ignition-Protection Device

ThePIP Module for surface mount applications.

ThePIP Modular System Internal
ThePIP Modular System

ThePIP device is manufactured exclusively by Vishay Technology.

Vishay Manufacturing Partner

Approved Installers

Caldera Fire and Secutiy - Approved installers of ThePIP

Caldera is BAFE and SSAIB Approved for the design, installation commissioning & servicing of fire & security systems.

Caldera is and approved by ThePIP for the installation the ThePIP Solution & interfacing with 3rd party systems such as fire and security systems.

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