ThePIP Modular System

ThePIP Modular System offers a unique method of applying detection to a variety of applications where there is a need for the detecting and subsequent warning of the danger of high temperatures. The modular design means that the client / specifier has a choice of what parts of an installation they wish to monitor.

Previous systems for detection of HRC in consumer units and distribution boards were rigid in their design and required the installer to carry a multitude of fixed length of detection strips or make a visit to survey the consumer unit and they go to the wholesaler to buy the part (if they had it in stock!). And they only offered global isolation of electrical supplies and interfacing with 3rd party equipment.

ThePIP Modular System is a completely different system and offers the following advantages:

  • One module size – specifically designed to fit all common consumer unit and distribution board isolation devices.
  • The same module is used for monitoring the neutral
  • The same module is used for monitoring the busbar
  • Modules are easy to install
  • Modules are simply linked together for third party annunciation
  • Signal wires are supplied for mains isolation

ThePIP Modules are available in the following formats:

  • Global 3rd party annunciation
  • Individual 3rd party annunciation
  • Global 3rd mains isolation
  • Individual mains isolation

ThePIP Modular System

Remember the neutral bar and line connections are both at risk from HRC, so monitor them both.

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